Educating parents forever. Parents respecting their children. Parents listening and caring their children. Parents loving their children.

Have forgotten what I was going to write due to the challenge to find wordpress, com, es, different sites, different e-mail address, different country. Boundaries, frontiers, countries, people, ideas.

Broken down. Finding desire product service and not being scammed. Ear bugs, dental brush, one hob electric cooker, food, facilities, ingredients to cook. Hungry.

Swimming pool.

Relationships. Excitement. Communication. Town. Walking. Life. Do you understand my writing?. I am sure that you enjoy it.

Clothing, dresses, are torn. Socks that hurt my legs and feet. Little food. Scarcity. Own dwelling. Far away. Far away.

Regaba las plantas recientes, al atardecer.  Las vió crecidas el viernes pasado, cerca de su casa.


Swimming-Pool glamour.  Water, bubbles, hotness, happiness, present.IMG_0427

A space to wait.

A space to read, laugh, cry.

My second home.


-Va a pasear, es lo que hace.



-Permitido usarla.

Today I have eaten a delicious meal.  I cooked it.  Buckwheat with garlic leftovers, half added to tomatoes, onions, miso, hazelnuts.  The other half into chunked baloons with olive oil on a tray into the oven, I have managed to cook it as I like it crispy, crispy.  Together with roasted red peppers.  When it is organic the best.  Happiness.

Blood stream takes 4 days regaining its healthy flow.

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