Blood stream takes 4 days regaining its healthy flow.


From library room.  Learning to digest all the information we have in our hands.  Thoughts.  Art.  Views on movement.  CVs.  Today bread, muffins, water and corn cakes.  Live sorroundings.  Hilly narrow streets.  Bells.  Churches and monasteries.  Moon so clear, so clear.  IMG_2703.JPG

Man: “I thought she was your daughter”

Woman: “No.  My 2 children are 13 and 12” (My 2 children are ‘Beauty’)

People who bother about falsehood.

People who fight about truth.

…and you follow walking.

Pain deep, deep in your heart.

“We choose the best” ( you are excluded).


After your working-studying day walking towards bus, among people.

Knocked down in a telephone call and  felt superficially happy.  Unable to sustain your points.  A meeting arranged when argument can be discussed through email messages, scanned documents can be sent as files attached to them.

Some time ago a woman was told that she would die the day after tomorrow.  She expected it, she was aware of it.  Driving her car to collect her 2 children and enjoying a supper out, she truly enjoyed being with her 2 beautiful daughters and truly savoured her food and drinks while announcing something that all of them were aware of and saying goodbye.  The children returned to their place and that night she wrote a will, her car for the finance company, her mobile home for her 2 hildren, previously she gave them its key.  In the morning she went to an airport and took a plane to the town where she was born.  The past afternoon she made telephone calls to parents, sister and brother to tell them about it and wrote her last email message to the man who loved.  She booked in a hotel and had a pleasant massage ready for dinner with her family and afterwards a walk around the beach.


She went to bed dying pleasurably during the night.

Blossom.  Red.  Chaos.  Organic.  Vibrant.

Inert.  Order.  Pleasure.  Inanimated.

A loan to purchase a car received.

Several bank requests to purchase a piece of land have been declined.

Car devaluation, depreciation.

Piece of land revaluation, increase in value.

Received versus declined.  Spotting the difference.