September 21, 2022.

By Maria Pilar

Grateful, grateful for living, grateful for the blue sky, grateful for friends, grateful for contacts, grateful to you who has followed me in my writings, who has added my stories to your lists, who likes my stories.

Grateful for rain, grateful for water, grateful for all the resources, all the webinars, masterclasses full of knowledge for me to learn and develop all my skills and my brain.

Grateful for love, grateful for love, grateful for love.

Grateful for my food today, a salad, rocket and cornsalad, apple, walnuts, carrot, salt, lemon. Quinoa with flax milk, unrefined sugar and lemon zest.

Grateful for walking, grateful for footpaths, grateful for love.

Photos by Maria Pilar, her chemistry, learnings about cookery.

14 September, 2022.

By Maria Pilar

Walking from home to library, using its wifi. Communication, web, web what are you doing? web, profiles, my profile. Listening to podcasts. There are parks in this town, there are drinkable water fountains in this town. There are ornamental fountains. A quiet walk. When I have stopped to post at a platform, plash, a man behind me.

That fountain has been switched on and off, on again. People talking each other nearby.

Early than expected.

It gave me all light, switching off later on.

Legs, being sitting down on a chair is unnatural, working less because of numbed legs after being 2 hours sitting down on a chair. Libraries offering standing up working sites. Yes.

By Maria Pilar

August 26, 2022.

By Maria Pilar

Just so tiny.

“Thank you for accepting it”. “Don´t shout at me”. The volume of my voice to be considered. Yes.

In the way, I have practised stretching my back. This time touching the ground with my fingers, my back in an arch, helped by the metallic arch already installed in the playground.

A little tiny blue piece of colour between all that green one, I noticed it from far.

Spiritual. Is a person who meditate, considered a spiritual one?. Searching for spiritual people. Yes.


August 24, 2022.

By Maria Pilar

My walk from home to library, perfums, a lot of toxic perfums whose people wear. As an allergic to them, my walk has been enjoyable just in the park, the park provides today a fresh air, with beautiful flowers.

This library has a signal for blind people at its second entrance, if a blind person can read it, because this entrance has been found, this signal is unnecessary. The cold air is unbearable, I carry 2 cardigans and a scarf to wear them inside, today I forgot 1 of them therefore I am quite uncomfortable. Many students working on their tasks.

I close my eyes, feeling the sun, the warmth of the sun.

…and the door gets open.

2 August, 2022.

By Maria Pilar

By Maria Pilar

My journey today starts yesterday, yesterday when I left library, it was a terribly lovely hot afternoon, when enjoying the heat all over my body. After crossing over a park, a street, plash, my thigh wet, I was surprised, I looked around, I saw a man looking up, I saw my wet dress, I saw 2,5cm diametre rounded drops on the floor, it was raining, just so few and so big drops of rain. A woman on her seat under cover in a bar asked: is it raining?. Yes, it is.

This morning I saw the wet street and puddles, it has been raining during the night. Thank goodness, I love when it rains during the night and it is sunny during the day, more days like this one, more and more. Earth has been watered.

Today I had an excellent meal, I half cooked it, yesterday in the evening. I miss gluten-free bread, I miss it a lot.

20 qualities of mine: Honesty, sincerity, patience, compassion, flexibility, goodness, loyalty, resiliency, respectfulness, gratitude, temperance, prudence, plainness, hygiene, responsability, discipline, tenacity, puntual, diligence, courage. Done, one of my tasks for today.

Also I searched for my 2 keys, without them I could not neither go out nor go in.

By Maria Pilar.

July 27, 2022.

After a day away from my Mac, I am desperate to listen to my podcasts, to my friends, to my contacts. My sights: Lovely children in playing ground, bus station lift.

Keeping on, sights. Keeping on, eyes. Keeping on, ecology. Keeping on, holidays. Keeping on, banks. Keeping on, giving. Keeping on, receiving. Keeping on, swimming-pool.

By Maria Pilar.

July 25, 2022.

It is a festive day and in the local park that I walk along, many dogs with their owners burking and making a placid walk, so dangerous.

I have arrived early than 8:30am that is the opening time, it has been opened and it is quiet and lovely today, except from the woman in charge of opening the main door.

As always I got up about 6:00am and doing my exercises, it is lovely to breath in the morning, to feel that I breath, to feel my breathing. Today everybody at home was awake.

Today I want to write, today I want to communicate, today my mind is in a writing mood.

Doubts, insecurity that made him realize she was in doubt, instead of being in business. In doubt about this business. Her answer was full of doubts.

“I give you to Thursday” deadline to leave.

Just realized, I have not lemon for my salad this afternoon, I will use salt.

Sales. Business.

By Maria Pilar

July 22, 2022.

Listening to podcasts, reading blogs about photography, working on my curriculum vitae, working on my curriculum vitae of my desire job, of my desire of working life.

Before heading for one of the locals library, my working place as I use its wifi service, I thought, I thought of a person who everything he does is perfect, is the perfection, perfect posts, perfect life, perfect author, perfect works of art.

And perfection takes a long time to set up for me. My spiritual book, copying takes so long, the leaves, the engraving, exactly as original, personal writing, technological writing. Perfection. It is the final, the end of my book.

Everything, anything is perfect as it is.

I left my place just after 8:00am, walking is a nice activity in a morning of this summer, in the morning of this climate changing summer. Parks have been watered and feeling the water freshness in my head is perfection.

by Maria Pilar

July 18, 2022.

It is much better to walk in the morning although it has been late in the morning of this summer time. The parks were watered and it is nice to walk along, crossing from door to door. The sun is shining and the temperature is warm and comfortable. A lot of tension in town.

Let’s speak.

And those places where there is a device to sign documents and either do not show what you are requested to sign up or show a text does not fit the event.

Free, free, lot of activity to do or give to start receiving.

In my walk today, tuesday of July, along to one of the town parks, I have noticed diversity, diversity in trees, beautiful, the gardener of that area has an idea about what makes human and planet health through trees. The rest of parks and streets, 90% are false plum trees or ones that leave falling down, spheres of nil fruit making walking on the footpaths slippering away.

By Maria Pilar

July 15, 2022.

Learning, learning experiences. Achievements.

Delicious. So delicious to cook and prepare my own meal. Gluten-free flour, water or not, and lemon and agave syrup, so succulent. Where are the green leaves? Green leaves please. Where are the salads? Plenty of greens in salads.

So simple as sending a message, sending an e-message. To communicate what needs to be communicate.

Rooms as a sauna when natural mood and rooms as a refrigerators when using air conditioner. I am happy with a natural temperature.

Walking under the sun about 14:00, is an extreme weather sport.

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